Mobile application development

Designing mobile applications

Business has moved to smartphones. To stay up to date take advantage of our extensive experience.

We have the best mobile application developers who are highly skilled and oriented to the latest technology trends.

We work with global companies to turn innovative ideas into great mobile apps. We have extensive experience and creativity in developing mobile applications for various clients around the world.

We develop advanced, modern mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Business applications

Marketing applications

iBeacon applications

Applications for offices

Selected mobile applications

aplikacja mobilna dla kwiaciarni internetowej


The E-flowers app allows you to send flowers and other gifts anywhere in Poland. With just a few clicks. Key features available:

easy ordering
friendly design
order tracking
promotion notifications
login via Facebook

The E-flowers brand is one of the market leaders of online florists.

aplikacja mobilna do obsługi przedszkola


iJunior is Poland’s first innovative and comprehensive platform for educational institutions. The application allows you to manage all processes, including: recruitment, child absence reporting and billing.

preview of the child’s presence in the facility
reporting absences
calendar of events
menu preview
online payments

The mobile app also includes accessibility features for people with disabilities, such as high contrast mode.

portfel blockchain


Tokeo is an innovative mobile application moving a classic loyalty program to a decentralized blockchain network.

With the Tokeo app, you can:

join loyalty programs
collect tokens and points within a given program
exchange tokens for prizes
store tokens in a digital wallet
send tokens to other people

The mobile app is one part of the TOKEO ecosystem.

iBeacon apps

We specialize in developing hybrid and native applications using modern iBeacon technology.

Marketing / loyalty programs

A great number of stores are choosing to install beacons. In addition to the typical informational, navigational functions, long-term relationships are built between the customer and the brand.

Interactive tour

Beacons can be used to initiate interaction between the visitor and the facility.

Efficient navigation

By deploying beacons, for example, in shopping malls (where GPS signals do not reach), we are able to determine a person’s location and, through special applications, navigate the customer toward a specific department or promotion.

Over the years, many customers have trusted us. Join them!

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