Online stores

Creating online stores

I design effective online stores that work and make money. An online store must make money. I make every effort to ensure that my clients maximize their profits.

When creating an online store, the priority is ease of use and reliability of the system.

Online stores

I create online stores based on my reliable proprietary script. On special request, I implement stores running on Prestshop, WooCommerce, Magento systems.

E-commerce platforms

I design advanced sales platforms for mature business. Do you need customized solutions for your trade? Get in touch today!

Subscription sales

I have extensive experience related to recurring payments. Have you thought about implementing a subscription sales model? Feel free to contact me.





Selected features of the online store

    Functional administrative panel

    Our proprietary online store is managed by an extremely intic administrative panel. This means that the seller can configure his offer in any way he wants and have full control over his orders.

    Order management
    Customer administration
    Advanced product configuration
    Discount module
    Any carriers
    Giving invoices

    Collaborative systems

    To make it easier for you to sell, our online store script is constantly being developed and expanded with more integrations. We have created a comprehensive tool for online trading!

    Google Tag Manager
    Kamsoft APW45 (online pharmacy)

    Software for online pharmacies

    We have extensive experience in developing software for online pharmacies. Our pharmacies comply with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

    Thanks to the integration with the Kamsoft system (used in most pharmacies in Poland), our customers have the opportunity to manage an online pharmacy from their traditional software.

    Our online pharmacy scriptis fully synchronized with the APW45 module. We provide a seamless exchange of data (products, orders, customers, payments) between the two systems.

    A very large number of products is not a problem for us!

    Modern and fast payments

    Fast online transfers are a must for a well-organized online store. Our online store software has been integrated with payment operator przelewy24 and PayPal.

    It is possible to implement a subscription model of sales via payment cards.

    Full insight into e-business

    Our online store software has a number of reports and statistics that contain important information, and provide an excellent source for further analysis. Full integration with third-party applications, such as. Google Analytics, allows you to track customer movements in the store, time spent browsing products and significantly increase conversions in the store.

    Sell all over the world!

    We give you the ability to configure any number of language versions of your online store. Translation of messages, product descriptions, etc. is done in the administration panel.

    The vendor assigns different currencies for the language version. The exchange rate is automatically calculated based on data from the National Bank of Poland. It is possible to show net/gross prices depending on which country the customer is from.

    Over the years, many customers have trusted us. Join them!

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